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Numbers, Money and Prices (2-Week Access)

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I have really enjoyed my Japanese lessons with Smile Nihongo Academy. I've always wanted to learn Japanese, but taking a language class has always been challenging with my schedule. Smile Nihongo has changed that. I am a busy stay-at-home mom and I like that the program is self-guided and accessible 24/7. I am able to go at my own pace and repeat lessons as needed to ensure my comprehension before moving to another course. Yuko-sensei's lessons are engaging and fun! It is the perfect solution to learning Japanese for busy people!

By the end of Mini-Course 2, you will learn...

1. How to say numbers from 1 to 999.

2. Correct way of saying some numbers with special pronunciation.

2. Japanese money and what it looks like.

3. How to say prices in Japanese.

4. How to say different currencies in Japanese.

5. How to say 100 yen is approximately 1 American dollar.

I started studying Japanese by enrolling in classes at a school. All was well in the beginning until it started to get really confusing. I searched for online sites where they could explain things in a simpler manner and I stumbled upon Yuko-sensei's site. I can't say enough how easy it is now to understand those things I was so confused about. I now understand things I couldn't before in my classes at the school! I highly, highly recommend Yuko-sensei's Japanese courses!

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Yuko Sensei
Yuko Sensei

Yuko-sensei is a professional Japanese instructor with an M.A. in Japanese Pedagogy (Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language). She has over 20 years of teaching experience at colleges in the USA.

Her students say her teaching is fun, engaging, and very easy to follow. She is skilled at presenting the complicated parts of the Japanese language in a simple manner. Her students describe her as a kind, patient, and supportive teacher who genuinely cares about the student's success.