Lesson 6: Speaking Session 1 - Answer the questions

This is a sample video of oral sessions with my former students at the college. They had to do this session either face-to-face with me or in video recording. I am sharing the video with their permission, but please use it for your own reference only and do not share this video outside the course. ありがとうございます。Arigatoo gozaimasu.

They were students from the second quarter course and had been studying Japanese for 4 months up to this point. Their assignment was to answer the question with multiple actions in one sentence by using TE form.

Now, can you do the same in the Speaking Session 1 below as they did in the video? Can you answer with three or four actions in one sentence before the next question comes up? Try the session for yourself and improve your fluency!

4 Questions in the Speaking Session

  1. けさ なにを しましたか。Kesa nani o shimashita ka? What did you do this morning?
  2. あした なにを しますか。Ashita nani o shimasu ka? What will you do tomorrow?
  3. きょねんのクリスマスに なにを しましたか。Kyonen no Kurisumasu ni nani o shimashita ka? What did you do on Christmas Day last year?
  4. にほんで なにを しますか。Nihon de nani o shimasu ka? What will you do in Japan?

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